Labor day weekend and double digits! – Chicago Children’s photographer

Every year at this time I’m brought back to my own “labor day”.  Ten years ago this weekend, my youngest son was born – which means he will be double digits this year, baby! I can hardly believe it. How can this be happening?

Whenever one of my boys’ birthday comes around I always try and take a moment out of the day and think about the actual day they were born. I think about the events of the day. How I felt. How things progressed. Things we said. The timeline of the day. I won’t lie, as the years go by, it’s harder to remember everything, but I try. Does anyone else do this? Am I the only one?

I’ve had a lot of newborns into the studio over the last couple of weeks – which is always a good way to get a baby fix! Now that I don’t technically have a “baby”. According to my soon to be double-digit, “I’m not a baby Mom” son! Stay tuned for images from those sessions soon – you won’t want to miss those gorgeous baby faces!!!

Until then – take a look at this sweet baby, who I fell in love with instantly! I love seeing this family – and it was this guy’s first time!! He was a champ – just like his big sister and big brother!




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hello summer – goodbye summer!! – Chicago newborn photographer

Summer has gone by in a whirlwhind of travel (more on that later!), family, friends, new clients, and repeat clients. And before I knew it my boys were back at school. The heat wave that Chicago was enjoying (OK, maybe I was the only one enjoying it) was over and the temperature came crashing down to 63 degrees yesterday morning as well as I dropped my guys off for 7th grade and 4th grade.

It feels like summer is offically over. At least in my house.

Anyone who knows me knows how incredibly sad that makes me. Summer is my season. I love the summer. The heat. The humidity. The sun. The beach. The pool. The smell of suntan lotion. Staying up late. Sleeping in late (although I’m not very good at either one of those things!) Summer clothes. Flip flops. Rooftop decks. This is the only reason I tolerate Chicago through the months of February and March. Now, I know that it’s not *really* over and we still have beautiful days ahead. Plenty of beach days. But now that the routine of school is back, which means homework (and lots of it!), it feels very different.

But one thing that does lift my spirits is looking at images of these sweet babies!!!! I could’ve this photographed this family all day long! From big brothers curls and big brown eyes, and little brothers sweet lips and smiles and mom’s gorgeous hair and dad’s cool tattoos – yeah, I was in heaven!! Here are some of my favorites – it was really hard to choose!!!



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