Mommy and me – Chicago Family Photographer


Sessions when mom gets in the photos are my favorite types of sessions! True story.

Isn’t mom always the one who is the family historian? Always taking photos of everyone else, but not getting in the photo herself? I’m guilty of this too – once my son and I were flipping through family vacation photos from when he was very little. He turned to me and asked, “Mom, were you on this vacation?” Wow!! That was an eye opener. I tell moms who are a little reluctant to get in the photos that these images aren’t necessarily for her – they are for her kids! Kids love to see themselves in photos but they also love to see themselves with their parents in photos. Even as an adult – I cherish the few photos I have of myself with my parents when I was little.

So to the moms who jump in those photos vs. always being the one to take them I say “Bravo!” And to the moms who need a little encouragement I say, “Go for it!” Your kids will thank you and who knows, you might enjoy being on the other side of the camera!

Post in comments your favorite photo of yourself with your kids – I’d love to see them!

And if you’d like your own family photography session (moms included!!) then give me a shout!


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Hold the Cheese! – Chicago Kid Photographer


I’ve been going thru photos as I prepare for a website re-vamp. I came across this little sweetie and the non-smiling image really caught my eye. Kids don’t always want to smile for photos – and that is OK! Personally, sometimes I like the non-smiling photos better and I’ll take non-smiling over fake smile any day of the week! Another reason why I will never ask a child to say “cheese!” What I will do is some pretty silly things to elicit a real smile from a kid or an entire family. And I will love every minute of it!

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Be Yourself! – Chicago Child Photographer


This day, we were just two girls, hanging out in the studio (with parents and a grandparent in attendance, too!) But, at this moment, it felt like it was just her and I. Having fun, laughing, joking back and forth.  In my opinion, this is when I’m able to capture the very best images. When kids feel comfortable and can be themselves. The same is true of adults! That is always my goal in a session – not to rush and to make clients feel as comfortable as possible in front of my camera.


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Best friends and other things – Chicago child photographer

When I was a new mom and my boys were much younger, I met a mom who’s boys were older than mine but about the same difference in age as my boys. I noticed her boys playing in the park together. They were laughing, playing tag and getting on like the best of pals. Her and I struck up a conversation and I asked her about the age difference ( 2 1/2 years) and if her boys always got along so well. Her reply was perfect and is seared into my memory. “They’re best friends and mortal enemies.”

It’s the perfect description. Probably for many siblings. But certainly for my two boys. It’s a line I’ve repeated many times when I’ve been asked that very question. “Do your boys get along?” I’ve witnessed this play out in many different ways. Playing with Legos together and then someone has the best “guy” and the other one wants it. Wrestling in the living room is fun – until it isn’t! And the dreaded, one has a friend over and the other doesn’t. (Although now that they are older, all of these issues are changing.) But no matter what happens between brothers, even if they are in the middle of a fight themselves (true story!) if someone else tries to mess with their brother, you can be sure that the other brother will not put up with it. The fight is immediately forgotten and they will join forces against the new “mortal enemy!” And this is how I know that they really do love each other! Phew!!

Just like these brothers – that I’ve known since they were babies. Here they are laughing (probably at me!) and having a great time!

sibling photography

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Time Marching On – Chicago Child Photographer

Year after year I have clients that come back to me, which is not only such a compliment but also such a joy because I get to see them again and see how they’ve grown and changed over the year. This is one of those clients – you may recognize his sweet little face. I love seeing it every year and seeing what new funny thing he’s doing and saying. He never disappoints!!


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Sneaky Holiday Season! – Chicago Kid Photographer

It happens every year. The holidays sneak up on me. And I really don’t know how it happens since I start thinking about the holidays in August! Literally. Anyway, my favorite holiday (Thanksgiving) will soon be here and I’m looking forward to the time spent with family, friends and food. But right now, I’m thankful for clients who keep coming back to me! Like this little guy and his family! I love seeing how kids have changed over the course of a year – it’s so much fun for me to catch up with them and their parents! More holiday photos to come in the coming weeks – for now it’s back to work!!



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mother of one (almost two)

this past weekend i was fortunate enough to get together with a fabulous group of newborn and baby photographers from all over the country. We met up in NYC and managed to have a great time in that amazing city and also learned a ton from each other!! and – we photographed three sessions!!! i also managed to buy a kick-ass pair of shoes! how did we fit it all in????? (let’s be honest, i’ll always find time for shoes.) i’ll be posting images from our sessions – here’s the first batch . . . a gorgeous expectant mama and the beautiful boy she brought with her. more to come . . .

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