good things on the way . . .

i’ve been thinking about my blog lately . . . ways to make it more interesting, how to motivate myself to keep it updated, etc.  i’ve decided that thursdays will be dedicated to posting client images.  tuesday posts will include photo tips, how-to’s, guest bloggers and all sorts of other goodies (including giveaways and contests!)  so stay tuned and subscribe if you haven’t already!

this sweet baby girl came to the studio in december (yeah, i know, i’m a little behind!) but i’ve been working on her images for print lately and was reminded of how precious she is.  often when i’m editing client images i catch myself with a big smile on my face – remembering the shoot, how cute the baby was and how much i love what i do!!!


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one holiday at a time

at shalimar b photography we’re all about that base, wait a minute, no we’re not.  i mean, yes, we are, but what i meant to say is that right now we’re all about christmas photos and holiday cards and getting clients prints for christmas gifts and wrapping up holiday sessions, and all things holidays. this has been going on since about september. it’s just the nature of the business.


in my personal life my two boys are endlessly asking “when are we getting our christmas tree?” i’ve received individual, well thought-out drafts of each of their christmas lists no less than 5 times, they have pointed out all of the christmas lights and holiday decorations going up in the neighborhood.  and my response to them is always the same. at least in my home life i can say this:


one holiday at a time.


thanksgiving is not a holiday that i will ignore or decorate over. i love this holiday! what’s not to love? it’s got all the things that make a holiday fabulous.  good food? check. pie? check. taking time out to be thankful? check. not staying up until midnight to wrap presents? check. did i mention pie? check. double check.

so what am i thankful for? so many things – too many to list but the biggies are my health, and health of those i love. food in our bellies and roofs over our heads. anything after that is just gravy in my opinion.

i’m also so thankful for all of my clients who trust me to do what i love. and it’s not just capture pretty pictures of them or their children looking at the camera. i do love that, don’t get me wrong. but what i really love is capturing the moments that pass between people that love each other. you can’t plan for it. you can’t ask for it. you just have to wait for it and know when to take the shot. every session i complete, i am thankful for these moments, and for the people that give me the opportunity to witness and capture them. here are a few from some of my recent holiday sessions. . . happy thanksgiving!



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what does joy look like?

what happens when it’s mid-december and you get a group of moms together for dinner?  eventually the conversation will make it’s way to the hustle and bustle of the season, the never-ending to-do lists, the holiday plans, the stress that it may be causing, etc, etc. and at least in my group of friends one of us will inevitability throw out the phrase “choose joy!” we actually say that quite a bit in my group of friends. (thanks to one friend in particular! who also is a loyal reader of this blog – hey girl!! love you! xoxo) anyway, it got me thinking last night that for many people, unfortunately, this season especially is a time when we do have to make a conscious effort to choose joy. but you know who doesn’t have to make that choice? kids! they just do it! they are for the most part joyful! ok, maybe not the kid throwing the tantrum in Target (ignore that kid!) but if you want a quick fix or a quick pick me up, look around and look for a kid and i bet you will be able to see someone who is experiencing some type of joy.


some examples of joy from recent holiday sessions:



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